Friday, October 28, 2011

Fall into Christmas (behind the scenes from the design program)

On Tuesday October 25th and Wednesday, October 26th Heather had the opportunity to design with Tim Farrell AIFD, PFCI, AAF from Farrell's Florist, Drexel Hill, Pa.  Tim came as the Education Specialist for Teleflora's Penn Jersey Unit holiday design program.

We created seasonal fall and Christmas arrangements.  It was exciting to design with other local florists.  We were able to share ideas and critique one another's work.  This way we are able to grow in our knowledge and design skills.  In the following piece Heather Towne (Penn Jersey Unit President) used a monochromatic color scheme in lime green and the techniques of shadowing and framing.  Shadowing is depicted in the anthurium on the left and the bells of Ireland on the right.  This means that two identical flowers create a heavier visual weight when one mimics the other's line and placement.  The "framing" occurs around the empty space in the middle which creates visual interest.
In the next floral design Heather used the Teleflora Glitter and Shine Bouquet.  The lid of the candy dish is hanging "Cindy Lou Who" style from a branch of cedar wrapped in lime green wire.  The white roses draw your eyes down to the center of the arrangement and tie in the white from the glittery lid and the white glitter accents on the red ornament bowl.  Feathers are added as accents in red. A fun way to change the original design.
The final arrangement was designed for the registration table for the Penn Jersey Unit.  It incorporates red ginger, steel grass, lime green cymbidiums and red ornaments.  Again Heather chose a Teleflora Christmas keepsake piece to showcase the design.  The steel grass encircles the design with lime green beaded wire.
Even though we feel it is way to early to be playing Christmas songs on the radio.  It was fun to begin exploring different techniques and texture combinations for the upcoming holiday.  Although, with the snow they are predicting for this weekend, it may seem as though winter is on its way!!

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