Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Compost Galore!

Flowers By Jennie Lynne made an interesting purchase this past summer...  We had been noticing the amount of our trash and noted that it was mostly "green" waste.  80-90% of what we are throwing out is stems, leaves and flowers.  So... Heather and I started researching compost bins online and we are now the proud owners of the Aerobin 400!  The Aerobin is a 113 gallon composter with a revolutionary patented aeration core that promotes aerobic breakdown of organic waste into beautiful compost! 
Our new Aerobin Composter allows us to take our waste:

and turn it into useful compost for our gardens!

In about 6-8 weeks our flower waste becomes this rich brown compost that our vegetable gardens LOVE!
Another added benefit to the Aerobin 400 is that it comes with a leach tank at the base that collects liquid compost extract.
This stuff is like black gold!  It is potent so it needs to be diluted 20:1 with water and then it can be used to fertilize gardens, trees and flower beds.  It is chock full of nutrients.  The Aerobin Composter was definitely a smart purchase for us at Flowers By Jennie Lynne.  We have significantly reduced our dumpster waste and had VERY bountiful vegetable gardens as a result of the compost and liquid extract. 
Flowers By Jennie Lynne is going green!

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