Thursday, October 20, 2011

Pumpkins and Pumpkin Heads

There is something about fall that excites me every year.  Maybe it is the warm fire roaring in the wood burning stove, or the cool breeze so I can start wearing sweaters again.  But today I am reminded with the wind blowing that the fall leaves are here. Autumn arrangements with cattails, oak leaves, beautiful mums and sunflowers.  All those colors just revive me as a designer -golden yellows, rich bronze, creamy butterscotch and warm browns. Pumpkins and gourds are the trademark symbols of the season. And do we have our share! The showroom is full of fall and Halloween accents.  There are  wrought iron pumpkin candle holders with pumpkin pie votives and creepy pumpkin trees. 


Vines creeping, leaves cascading and gnarly tree trunks are scattered around in the show room.  Pumpkins of all sizes  - some are so small 2 large handfuls can fill a vase for flowers to sit on top.  So many fun ideas to play with.  There are pumpkin ornaments for large and small Halloween Trees. Carve-able artificial pumpkins (perfect for saving year to year).  We have unearthed so many fall home decorations it is hard not to be excited to show them all. So we will entice you with just a few.  

Even the scarecrows are donning a pumpkin motif.  Soft plaids in fall tones, a straw hat and and jack-o-lantern face - so cute.  This character is nestled in with the  NEW Thompson chunky candles and berry vine candle rings.  
 Fall scents include: Oatmeal Cookies, Toffee Crunch, Apple Dumpling, Pumpkin Pie and Harvest Spice. Yummy!  Thank goodness they are wax because they smell so awesome I could just eat them.

Stop by Flowers by Jennie Lynne to enjoy some fall trimmings
and all this season brings!!

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