Friday, September 26, 2008

Thompson Candle Company - New!!

Due to the recent closing of Alene's Candle and Crafts we had been approached by some customers to carry wax crumbles for tart burners. One of our employees found that Thompson Candle Super Scented Wax Crumbles is a high quality and long lasting fragrance. We are now proud to be carrying the Wax Crumbles and through the fall and winter season the scents will permeate the store. Today we tested Apple Dumpling - I was surprised, the scent carried outside the store. Our selection of fragrances include Grandma's Cookies, Balsam and Berries, Evergreen Wreath, Harvest Spice and 5 other scents. The bags hold 6 ounces of wax crumbles - enough for many nights of simmering in the burner and retail for $6.95. If you are in the Fairless Hills neighborhood - stop by and test some scents.

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