Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Local Flowers are in Abundance

With so many flowers available year round sometimes it is hard to decide which one to choose. August is the best time to select from locally grown flowers. In the summer our local crops are ready for harvest and we are able to sell locally grown flowers. We still carry floral varieties such as stock and snapdragons from California, roses and chrysanthemums from Columbia and bulb flowers from Holland, but it is nice to be able to support regional farmers.
The local blossoms spend less time traveling to Fairless Hills, Pa. They do not need to be held in airports or in customs, or travel hundreds of miles by tractor trailer from Miami where the flower brokers are located. They arrive in our wholesalers in Pennsylvania and New Jersey by the afternoon and are made available the very next morning. Now that is fresh flowers! Local flowers are reminiscent of wildflowers, some are bold, while others are wispy. They add character to any loose bouquet or vase arrangement.

Keep your eyes open for these local flowers:
ageratum, amaranthus, black eyed susan, celosia (or coxcomb), dahlias, gomphrenia, gladiolus in all shades and colors, grasses in assorted textures and hues, hydrangea, marigolds, millet, mint, queen anne's lace, snapdragons, sunflowers, tansy, yarrow, and zinnias.

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