Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Tie Dye Roses

Flowers by Jennie Lynne now carries Rainbow Roses (aka. Disco Roses or Happy Roses). Even the names are fun! We ordered these multi-colored roses at the end of April of this year just to check them out because they are so intriguing. Each petal is a different color - right down to the center of the roses! Believe me we took one apart to check it out. The process starts in Holland, each rose is stem injected with dye and allowed to suck up the dye through its capillaries - if you turn one over you can see the color dots in a perfect circle around the stem. The leaves and even the new shoots are tainted with the dye - just amazing. A Rainbow Rose actually starts off as a creamy Vendella Rose - which are large headed sturdy stemmed roses with a high petal count. We decided they were too cool to just have once in a while. So check them out in person at our store in the Queen Anne Plaza, 519 S. Oxford Valley Road, Fairless Hills, Pa or order on line.

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